Be part of the SOUP revolution

It takes a little effort to make SOUP happen but we at Christ Church Downend think it’s all worthwhile.

Here are some simple ways you can help Downend SOUP – and if any take your fancy ping us an email

Be a SOUP social ambassador

Spreading the word to get pitchers in and tickets sold is important.  Our social ambassadors are plugged into different neighbourhood groups on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  They watch out for posts from Downend SOUP and help spread the word

Be part of SOUP’s pitch committee

Without our pitches there would be no point in running SOUP.  Our Pitch team ensure we spread the word about the help we can give, encouraging not just established charities but really anyone with a good idea to apply.  And when the time comes, they select the three to go forward and help them prepare for getting their message across clearly.

Be a Business in the Community

We are remarkable in Downend at having a thriving business community who have helped get SOUP off the ground and blessed with organisations like CCD and Round Table.  We never ask for money – usually our businesses help us by donating something useful or helping us make contact with people in their circle.   We love to celebrate business that works to support its community

Bring a skill

We love people who are great at welcoming guests, taking photographs, making videos, musicians to entertain guests and we believe in how different talents create a special experience.   There’s always something new we can do – introduce yourself and we will find a way to incorporate what you love doing.